70% of graduates of gymnasium “Prosperitas”
handle top leadership posts
or run their own business.


Are you aware of such problems?

  • Children refuse to go to school,
    they are not interested in learning process
    and especially in self-studying.
  • Classmates have no motivation to study.
  • You are sure that school knowledge
    is not enough for your child
    that is why you hire tutors

At gymnasium «Prosperitas» we develop thinking skills

the system of fundamental values and desire to achieve excellence.
We encourage students to think critically about the information they received, to learn to ask questions, to share their opinions convincingly. We provide students with the quality preparation for ZNO.
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The European approach to education

Critical Thinking Development
teaches to regard a mistake as the way of the development

Technology teaches effective and high-quality thinking, develops the ability to analyze the given situation and find appropriate (often non-standard) solutions. We use such methods as: sinquan, cluster, telegram, etc.

The result: a positive attitude to the marks, high results in education and the atmosphere of the cooperation in the system “teacher-pupil – class”.

Competence tasks
help to apply knowledge acquired in your daily life

These are complex tasks, which combines several areas of Sciences or school subjects. They are highly close to real-life situations. Pupils are interested, and these activities push them to find particular solutions. The teacher controls the process of learning of the material by a child and tests the students ‘ skills to use knowledge in practice.

The result: using the non-standard decision tasks , we determine ,which competencies and knowledge the child has, and form the skills of self-sufficient and practical actions.

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
develops students’ creative thinking

It is educational system, whose purpose is to nurture a creative personality. Our educational principles are:

1. Focus on training polymaths who know and can to do everything.
2. Education begins at an early age (5 years old) and lasts until the age of 16.
3. Subject specialization happens on its own. A student chooses a specialty by himself.
4. Learning occurs at maximum speed (afterburner principle).
5. Training programme is constantly updated and supplemented.
6. Learning groups are small (four) to account for individual features of a child.
7. TRIZ teacher himself is a versatile and creative personality.

The result: a strong mindset is formed and well-mannered creative person is brought up , who is ready to solve complex problems in different areas (fields, industries) activities.

Eidetic Memory
students explore new concepts through visual thinking

Eidetic –“memory without borders”. It is a system of learning through the creative thinking of a child, which is natural.

The result: students become more workable (the efficiency rises), they learn better, increase the level of memory and concentration. Children learn new material with enthusiasm.


We change learning approach according to the age

  • We develop
    Secondary level
    10-14 years
  • We realize
    Upper secondary level
    16-17 years
  • Field of
  • Skills of academic readiness
    creative and critical thinking
  • Specialized education
  • Creative
  • Children abilities with the help
    of creative studios of interests
  • Creative potential
  • Personality
  • Responsible and
    active attitude
  • Personal growth


Authoring methodology of education

  • Public hearings —
    comprehensive exams taken
    twice a year in the presence
    of parents.
  • Family reading lessons —
    interactive lessons with
    parents and teachers.


Graduates trust us

“Gymnasium has become for me like a second home. I came to earlier called “Skazka” with a pile of hang-ups and serious problems in studying. Just in a year or two almost all my problems were solved. First of all thanks to the teachers. They made me believe in myself, understand my achievements if I try to do my best. Well, in fact, everything happened like I had supposed. The medal, however, warms mine and my mother’s heart”.

Oleg Didorenko, the graduate of 2015.

“This school gave me a lot and changed my life. Here I found my best friends and my wife. We also chose Prosperitas as a school for our child. I think it is the best option as our son gains a lot of knowledge, studying foreign languages and fully developing”.

Aleksandr Balabanov, the graduate of 2002.

“After graduating from the gymnasium I was bored at English lessons at the university. Firstly, we didn’t keep silence at the lesson at the gymnasium. We were talking. At the university we only had to listen to the professor. I felt very uneasy, I wanted to talk. Secondly, we read classic works at school, we participated in plays in English … but at the university we were forced to learn words and pass word tests every lesson”.

Anna Derikolenko, the graduate of 2007.


Investing in a successful future
begins in childhood

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