100% of Teaching and Educational Complex
Prosperitas love to study,
and their parents are confident in
their children’s knowledge


01. Are you aware of such problems?

  • Kindergartens are overflowing.
    Groups consist of 30-40 children.
  • You are worried that
    your child gets sick easily.
  • You care that what your child
    is busy with during the
    day and after school.
  • You are scared that your
    child is not psychologically
    ready for school.
  • You are worried
    that your child is
    overloaded with homework
  • You are worried that school
    knowledge is not enough for your child
    that is why you hire tutors

TEC “Prosperitas” is

  • The number of students per class – 16-20 .
  • Medical service 8:00 – 18:00.
  • Development of cognitive processes.
  • Formation of vital competences.
  • Clubs and sections in one building.

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The European approach to education

The Montessori Method.
The exploration of real world through the experience

Education is based on the child observation data. The leading provisions of the theory: education must be free and individual.

The result: child tends to better understand everything and needs a little help of the teacher, who is watching him, and indirectly leads him so far as it is necessary.

Gymnasium “Prosperitas” is the only school in Sumy region, which is equipped with the original Montessori materials in all sections (math, space, outside world, sensory, etc.). The children are working with Montessori teacher.

Critical Thinking Development
teaches to regard mistake as the way to development

Technology teaches effective and high-quality thinking, develops the ability to analyze the given situation and find appropriate (often non-standard) solutions. We use such methods as: sinquan, cluster, telegram, etc.

The result: a positive attitude to the marks, high results in education and the atmosphere of of cooperation in the system “teacher-pupil – class”.

Competence tasks
help to apply knowledge acquired in your daily life

These are complex tasks, which combines several areas of Sciences or school subjects. They are highly close to real-life situations. Pupils are interested, and these activates push them to find particular solutions. The teacher controls the process of learning of the material by the child and tests the students ‘ skills to use knowledge in practice.

The result: by using the non-standard decision tasks , we determine ,which competencies and knowledge the child has, and form the skills of self-sufficient and practical actions.

Project activity

The project activity includes work on the project within 2 weeks. During this period, children are aware of where they can use this knowledge.

The result: the child knows how to use these knowledge in everyday life.

Eidetic Memory
students explore new concepts through visual thinking

Eidetic –“memory without borders”. It is a system of learning through creative thinking of the child, which is natural.

The result: students become more workable (the efficiency rises), they learn better, increase the level of memory and concentration. Children learn new material with enthusiasm.


We change the learning approach according to the age

  • We build
    Primary level
    3-9 years
  • Field
    of study
  • Learning skills and adaptation
    to learning process
  • Creative
  • Creative abilities of
    every child
  • Personality
  • Responsibility for yourself
    and your actions



  • For children from 3 years:

    • – design studio “Origami Blues”
    • – swimming pool
    • – arts and crafts
  • For children from 5 years and older:

    • – piano playing
    • – aerobics
    • – karate
    • – choreography
    • – art-studio


Parents carefully and reasonably choose Prosperitas

“We have been in Prosperitas for already four years. Our child was placed in the first grade well being prepared. He learned how to read, write, and was familiar with the teacher. The adaptation in the first grade was quite easy. And I want to say that, comparing my child with the children who are enrolled in other schools, my child is a step ahead “.

Anna Yakovenko, the mother of first-grader

“We wanted to take our child from a family into a comfortable environment, and we found such a kindergarten. We also paid attention to the health care. The nurse and the doctor are always available to take care of my child’s health. Second vitamin enriched breakfasts are taking place at the kindergarten. There is a constant children’s health improvement . “.

Natalia Osadchaya, the mother of kindergarten pupil

“My daughter graduated from gymnasium Prosperitas three years ago. At this moment she is studying in Warsaw at the third year in English language. My younger son is now in the fourth grade at Prosperitas, and we hope that he will get the same knowledge as my elder daughter and enter the European university. “.

Igor Chernenko, the father of the graduate


Investing in a successful future
begins in childhood

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